Firstly, I want to you know why just female only. Because I’m a man among men. LOL. Sorry saber male. Maybe later I’ll introduce you. Someday. Maybe. Please remind me. 🙂 It will contain spoiler, maybe. So, read it with responsibility, don’t blame me, okay.

In picture above, I call that is saber original. Although saber original is in Fate/Prototype and he is male. This saber appear in the game Fate/Stay Night : Fate scenario (Saber route) and Unlimited Blade Works scenario (Rin Touhsaka Route).

First adaptation of the game with this saber on it, is Fate/Stay Night 2006, produced by Studio Deen. If you compare the art with the Unlimited Blade Works art produced by Ufotable, that’s stupid. Of course Unlimited Blade Works is more better than Studio Deen. It’s 2006 quality versus 2014 quality. Same as Fate/Zero. But, if you want to know the story without playing the game like me, just watch it.

This route is also adapted as a manga. But, I don’t know where you can read online. As long as I know, the scanlation group not completed the work. Maybe because it has been licensed by publisher in U.S.

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