About Me


Hallo Guys, My name is Ein. Admin of this blog. Let me introduce myself. If You know Om Telolet Om that has been popular last year, I’m coming from that country. My beloved country Indonesia. So, if you see my grammar, of course you know it’s bad or broken engilsh.

Around 2008 I started to know about creative industry like anime and manga more than I know (My first anime on TV is Sailor Moon). Then getting interested with Vocaloid with Hatsune Miku as a icon figure of the software. That time, I learn how to make a music, start from making aransement, lirics, mixing, rendering, and mastering. I still have the account in soundcloud 5 years ago check here.

I put my infographic on pinterest, here. Feel free to visit my pinterest page.

I also created a launcher for emulator at the time, around the year 2011, only release to four version and I’m getting tired of it, so I delete the blog. I using blogspot that time. one of the advantages from my launcher is, it contain a song from the best anime around that time. You can change the song and also the emulator itself. The weakness of my launcher is can’t update with the new emulator automatically. My launcher called Animuloid. If you search it, maybe You can find those apps of mine. 🙂

What You Get

I write about Fate franchise. Still, I’ll use a broken grammar with my opinion and point of view. I just want to be honest to myself and for you my reader. But, if you want to see a full information of this series, just visit wikipedia or wikia. Because I won’t rewrite that. For what?! It’s waste my time.

I’ll tell You the secret, when you search keywords about Fate/Stay Night from adwords google, you will see around 10.000 search every month. And become more than 1.000.000 that month for premier on the TV. I’m doing this for fun and learn or research about writing articles.


It would help me if you share this works from your social media or tell to the forum you have been followed, and donate some cash or buy something related to Fate franchise from this blog. It will help me to keep writing and have a self domain for this blog. You can help me to paid my internet bill, buy me some food and free this little blog from ads. I just need for around $65 for every month and if I got more than that, it will great. You can send some fund via paypal : tugaspenting@gmail.com. Whatever you give, I’ll greatly appreciate it.

– Your sincerely Brothers in Arms, Ein.