Let Me Introduce Saber (Female) Part 6

Let Me Introduce Saber (Female) Part 6

Saber Lily is just another costume from Saber Arthur. She has another name as White Saber appeared in Game Fate/Unlimited Codes. I give You some trivia. When Illya installs Saber Class Card in Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya (I don’t know how to put a Star between Prisma and Illya in wordpress. LOL), she wore Saber Lily armor instead of the original. Some Trivia again. Her design was inspired by the dress Caster placed on Saber after she was captured during Unlimited Blade works. For Your information again, some spoiler maybe, when Saber captured by Caster, She wore bride costume or You can search with Saber Bride as a keywords.


Infographic of Fate Series

FeaturedInfographic of Fate Series

Infographic Fate 2

No rules to play the game, read the novel or Manga, or watch the anime in order. Just watch do You want to watch.  But, for understanding the universe or nasuverse of this franchise, use list above. You can download those infograpchic and share with Your friends, just don’t replace the credit.

If you want to know more about Fate Grand Order game, especially for nubi, feel free to visit this link. Hope you like it.

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Let Me Introduce Saber (Female) Part 4

Let Me Introduce Saber (Female) Part 4

I call her Red Saber or Saber Nero. She came from the Fate/Extra and appear in Extra CCC and Extella. The creator call her Aka Saber with Sakura Tange as seiyuu. She is seiyuu that voice acting as a Kinomoto Sakura in Cardcaptor Sakura. Other than that, I don’t know much about her. Maybe I can learn and growing affection towards her after the series came out in the future. I don’t play the game and if I can play it, I’ll choose Tamamo no Mae as a servant. LOL.

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Let Me Introduce Saber (Female) Part 3

Let Me Introduce Saber (Female) Part 3

I love this saber. She come from Fate/Apocrypha as Red Faction. She has berserker feel from Fate/Zero design, the armor. I just don’t like the horns. This gals is the tomboys female saber I know. And I wonder, why the female saber has a same face with saber Arthur?? Doesn’t make sense. Japan has many illustrator that can draw from cute face, beautiful face, even GAR face. But, maybe I know why? They don’t want to introduce more character and obviously for add more popularity for saber Arthur. It will increase the sale for goods, Dudes!! 🙂

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Let Me Introduce Saber (Female) Part 2

Let Me Introduce Saber (Female) Part 2

Maybe You wonder, Who she is? She is appear in Fate/Grand Order Ova last year. Saber Alter or Black Saber. What I can tell is, that Saber came from Fate/Stay Night : Heaven’s Feel scenario or Sakura Matou Route and also appear in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia.

I won’t tell you anymore. Because, it’s more interesting if the movie itself explained to you later. The movie adaptation will be done by Ufotable this year. We just need to wait and be patient.

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Let Me Introduce Saber (Female) Part 1

Let Me Introduce Saber (Female) Part 1

Firstly, I want to you know why just female only. Because I’m a man among men. LOL. Sorry saber male. Maybe later I’ll introduce you. Someday. Maybe. Please remind me. 🙂 It will contain spoiler, maybe. So, read it with responsibility, don’t blame me, okay.

In picture above, I call that is saber original. Although saber original is in Fate/Prototype and he is male. This saber appear in the game Fate/Stay Night : Fate scenario (Saber route) and Unlimited Blade Works scenario (Rin Touhsaka Route).

First adaptation of the game with this saber on it, is Fate/Stay Night 2006, produced by Studio Deen. If you compare the art with the Unlimited Blade Works art produced by Ufotable, that’s stupid. Of course Unlimited Blade Works is more better than Studio Deen. It’s 2006 quality versus 2014 quality. Same as Fate/Zero. But, if you want to know the story without playing the game like me, just watch it.

This route is also adapted as a manga. But, I don’t know where you can read online. As long as I know, the scanlation group not completed the work. Maybe because it has been licensed by publisher in U.S.

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Story to Follow and Quick Trivia (Always Update)

FeaturedStory to Follow and Quick Trivia (Always Update)

What’s new? I put more “trivia that You must know” in this post.

Story to Follow

If You Want to enjoy about this great universe of Fate, then You don’t want to miss this title that still provided by scanlation or fansub translator.

Fate/Strange Fake : Last Chapter?? 12 (Last release 12/17)
Fate/Apocrypha : Chapter 17 (Random Update, last release 11/17)
Fate/Stay Night – Heaven’s Feel : Chapter 13 (Last Release 04/17)
Fate/Extra – CCC Fox Tail : Chapter 45 (Update one per month, last release 11/17)
Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 3Drei!! : Chapter 55 (Update one per month, last release 11/17)

I can’t provide You with downloadable content, because I want to respect the translator that has been working hard to bring this great manga to english language.

Quick Info

If you wonder about time line in Fate Franchise, this is quick information for You,
Fate/Prototype is original Fate or Old Fate; Fate/Strange Fake is copied from 3rd Holy Grail War in America; Fate/Apocrypha is war between Red faction and Black faction around 5th Holy Grail War in Rumania; Fate/Zero is 4th Holy Grail War; Fate/Stay Night (FSN, UBW and HF) is 5th Holy Grail War, and the last is Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, Six month after 5th Holy Grail war event; Fate/Extra (Extra, Extra CCC, and Extella) is different story with the same concept; Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya is “Mahou Shoujo” Illya (This is for yours, comrade!! LOL).

More Trivia

Rather than Visual Novel, it was originally meant to be Light Novel series like Kara no Kyoukai.

Fate/Zero S1 is the most best-selling series from the fate of the series, with 52.285 copies of DVD and BD sold.

Fate/Grand Order profit 77 Billion Yen per Month. Fantastic?!

When you search keywords about Fate/Stay Night from adwords google, you will see around 10.000 search every month. And become more than 1.000.000 that month for premier on the TV. (From my keyword research).

This franchise is the only series with the largest revenue for Type-Moon.

Takashi Takeuchi has proudly expressed himself as the largest Saber fan. Maybe that’s the main reason why so much saber with same face or we call it arturia face.

No official english version released for Fate/Stay Night.

Like I said before in this articles, Illya actually has a route. But she is LOLI and the game is EROGE. You understand what I mean right?? Not only that, Caster would have reversed her age and become protagonist’s partners. Summary, if the idea be accepted we would have two LOLI materials. (source : Fate/Side Material)

The Stray Servant who was one of the original heroine candidates for the visual novel and would eventually be reworked into Shielder was first planned to be put in the 2006 anime adaptation by Studio DEEN.

To be Continued …

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