Fate/Grand Order (English)

Fate/Grand Order (English)

Update! May’17.

Fate/Grand Order will be released in English this summer. See here for official website. Unfortunately for you who have played the Japanese version can’t be loaded into english version. And for Fate franchise enthusiast who has not played because of constrained language or players who do not understand the story before, this is the real deal for you. Important notes : It’s in Japanese dub.


This will be complementary for Fate festival and stated that 2017 was a year of Fate franchise. Remember, there are four Anime adaptations for this year. Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s feel, Fate/Kaleid Lier Prisma Illya, and Fate/Extra: Last Encore. Happy Fatista!

Trailer 1

Aniplex of America began streaming a short trailer on Tuesday for Aniplex’s planned release of the Fate/Grand Order smartphone game. The video focuses on the “Saber” Servant class, particularly on Attila (voiced by Mamiko Noto).

Trailer 2

Like the previous trailer, the video features the game’s theme song “Shikisai” by Maaya Sakamoto.

Kinoko Nasu supervised and wrote the scenario with Yūichirō Higashide and Hikaru Sakurai. Takashi Takeuchi is in charge of character designs and art direction.

The game inspired the 74-minute Fate/Grand Order: First Order television anime special that aired in Japan on December 31. Aniplex of America, Crunchyroll, and Daisuki streamed the special the same day.

If you want to know more about Fate Grand Order game, feel free to visit this link. Hope you like it.


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2017 is Year of the Fate!

2017 is Year of the Fate!

Just for Your Information and reminder. This year, three titles from Fate Series, will be aired. Fate/Apocrypha by A1 Picture, will be aired in July, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya: Sekka no Chikai by Silver Link, in the summer, and Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel I. Presage Flower by Ufotable, will air Oct. 14. Last but not least, Fate/Extra: Last Encore by Shaft, maybe around 2018. Happy Fatista!!

I’m still a Life!! (Update)

I’m still a Life!! (Update)

Whats New? I put some my thought about future of this blog. 

It’s been two weeks I don’t post anything in this blog. It’s not I’m getting tired of it, just I can’t post anything because at work. I’m not otaku or weibu, if definition of otaku or weeaboo/weibu/weabu/whatever is collect all of the goods and BD or DVD, play the games, talk about that, remembering the seiyuu or voice actor/actress, who is the film director, etc. From my point of view, anime is piece of entertaiment, like the good art or good music, good storyline or good storytelling, or maybe what is to be convey by the author or writer, etc.

I need a food rather than a goods. That’s why I work. It’s not like I insult of otaku life or weibu life, my income is too small to collect all of the goods from this franchise. It’s too much for me. So, I can’t become a happy otaku. I’m satisfied enough with my life right now, sometimes life is tough and world isn’t in your side. But, I still have a hope. And hope just become a hope if I don’t do something about it. Altough, is not in accordance with what I want, but if I stop right there or just give up, then, I will get nothing. So, rather than I give up, I choose to always try and try, again and again. I believe I’ll learn something from my failure.

So, you get it! It’s not I’m getting tired writing about what I love. I just can’t because of work. I need a food and paid my internet bill. That’s why I open donation for paid my internet bill. ^_^. Ah, I just remember. Some days ago the weather where I live is not stable. My internet is getting slower and slower, around 0 bit to 14-15 Kbps. See You in next post.

This is the update.

Actually, I want to know more about what do you want to know about this franchise. So I can provide useful information to You. Because from my research (I get that from Google adwords), they don’t give me a real data about what You need. They just give me some juicy keywords for advertising. You don’t want wandering around in internet seas and You don’t get what do you want, right. You just want to know what do You want when You search in internet right now. Because, from point of Google view, this market is boring niche.

To be Continued …