Fate/Grand Order You Must to Know (Subjectif from my experience) – This Page is always Up to date

FeaturedFate/Grand Order You Must to Know (Subjectif from my experience) – This Page is always Up to date

I’ve played Fate Grand Order since release for the first time in NA. In this post, I want to share my experience with you. The most important rule when you play this game is, don’t focus on SSR only, because, you can still play the game tthrough the end with just free servant that give by DW.

First. Don’t hate or abandon low star servant. Like Robbin, David, Ushiwakamaru, Hans, and Spartacus is my favourite low star servant. Robbin is very powerfull servant againts saber class with NP damage over 1.1 million (is not in bonus event) if you can use it (Use poison skill first). David has skill set that can help you through the boss battle. Ushiwakamaru is powerfull rider class servant with his NP. Hans is powerfull support servant for low star and spartacus can help you farming.

My Fav Low Star Servant

Second. Do not miss Servant bonus event And complete the story map to get free servant.

[Free Servant from Clearing the story so far]

[Bonus Servant from Event so far]

Third. When you decide to roll the gacha, first thing first what you must to do is pay tribute in FP summon. See the sign and you ready for SQ gacha. That’s simple .

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Infographic of Fate Series

FeaturedInfographic of Fate Series

Infographic Fate 2

No rules to play the game, read the novel or Manga, or watch the anime in order. Just watch do You want to watch.  But, for understanding the universe or nasuverse of this franchise, use list above. You can download those infograpchic and share with Your friends, just don’t replace the credit.

If you want to know more about Fate Grand Order game, especially for nubi, feel free to visit this link. Hope you like it.

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Story to Follow and Quick Trivia (Always Update)

FeaturedStory to Follow and Quick Trivia (Always Update)

What’s new? I put more “trivia that You must know” in this post.

Story to Follow

If You Want to enjoy about this great universe of Fate, then You don’t want to miss this title that still provided by scanlation or fansub translator.

Fate/Strange Fake : Last Chapter?? 12 (Last release 12/17)
Fate/Apocrypha : Chapter 17 (Random Update, last release 11/17)
Fate/Stay Night – Heaven’s Feel : Chapter 13 (Last Release 04/17)
Fate/Extra – CCC Fox Tail : Chapter 45 (Update one per month, last release 11/17)
Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 3Drei!! : Chapter 55 (Update one per month, last release 11/17)

I can’t provide You with downloadable content, because I want to respect the translator that has been working hard to bring this great manga to english language.

Quick Info

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Let Me Introduce Saber (Female) Part 8

Let Me Introduce Saber (Female) Part 8

She is assassin from Fate/Grand Order who tasked herself in eliminating Saber-class heroines. She only open heart towards Saber Lily alone. I’m bit confused about whether she entered saber category or not. If not, she has the same face with Saber Arturia. But, she has a name as Arturia Pendragon, the same hero as a Original Saber. Second, She has appeared in Fate/Extella as another costume for Saber. Third, some time ago, I wrote about Master Arturia. Therefore I put hes as a part of Let Me Introduce Saber (Female) tag. Some trivia for You, she makes her first appearance in 2013 April Fools. Yes, another Joke again to make new character for saber-class or new Arturia face.

Let Me Intoduce Saber (Female) Part 7

Let Me Intoduce Saber (Female) Part 7

Another version of Saber but this time as a Master. In the story, her father is Gawain, her older brothers are Lancelot and Kay, her younger brother is Bedivere, and her cousin is Mordred. I don’t know anything other than that. She is just promotional material for the Fate/Zero anime that asked readers about which other Servant classes other than saber that they would like to see Arturia summoned under. The first ranked response was instead show her as a Master. So, she is Master Artoria, the holder of katana with saifuku armor.

Let Me Introduce Saber (Female) Part 6

Let Me Introduce Saber (Female) Part 6

Saber Lily is just another costume from Saber Arthur. She has another name as White Saber appeared in Game Fate/Unlimited Codes. I give You some trivia. When Illya installs Saber Class Card in Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya (I don’t know how to put a Star between Prisma and Illya in wordpress. LOL), she wore Saber Lily armor instead of the original. Some Trivia again. Her design was inspired by the dress Caster placed on Saber after she was captured during Unlimited Blade works. For Your information again, some spoiler maybe, when Saber captured by Caster, She wore bride costume or You can search with Saber Bride as a keywords.